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Corporate Uniforms Gold Coast

Corporate Wear / Salon and Spa Wear / Medical & Dental Uniforms/
Healthcare Uniforms / Workwear Uniforms / Polo Shirts /
Event & Promotional / Custom Designed Uniforms / Chefwear /
Sports and Team Uniforms / Screenprinting / Embroidery

Corporate Uniforms Gold Coast is a leading supplier of business apparel and workwear on the Gold Coast for all industries to local, national and international businesses for over 27 years.

Our expert team has over 40 years of experience in design, supply and manufacture. Industries including Medical, Dental, Health Spas, Hospitality, Sporting, and more.

Corporate Uniforms Gold Coast has over 30 major corporate and promotional brands to choose from. Our uniform ranges for ladies and men include corporate wear, blouses and shirts, health and beauty uniforms, tunics, workwear, chef uniforms, skirts, shorts and trousers.

Corporate Uniforms Gold Coast offers a free in-house assessment and will come to your workplace to work with you and create your professional image that is both stylish and functional. Call us now on 0416227263 to make an appointment.

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